Evergreen - Organic Sock
Evergreen - Organic Sock
Evergreen - Organic Sock

Evergreen - Organic Sock

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Organic Sock

80% Treated Merino
20% Nylon
420 yards (115 grams)
GOTS Certified

GOTS means 'Global Organic Textile Standard'. Upon using this yarn, these are the things you can keep in mind what it means by GOTS CERTIFIED:

- mulesing free
- no dangerous chemicals used
- workers are treated fairly
- the sheep live in a stress free environment where they can roam freely
- the yarn is under strict controls for harmful residues
- the yarn is non-superwash but still offers the same properties as a superwash yarn without the harsh chemicals super wash goes through (bleaching or burning off the hair).

Each listing is per item. You will receive one of the skeins on the photo above.

I recommend hand washing knitted items and laying it flat to dry. Please be aware that due to the nature of hand-dyeing, all skeins will not look the same. I do my best to depict the colour of the skein. However, some monitors may show colours differently. Acid dyes were used to dye the yarn and rinsed after the yarns have been dyed. There might be some slight bleeding after the first time washing it.

***Please read before ordering***

All Canadian packages will have tracking numbers. For orders in the US, please select  'tracked packet' to be able to track your package. For the rest of the world, items sent outside of Canada, please also select 'tracked' to be able to get a tracking number. 

The price is per hank. All sales are final.