Akara is a small business owned by Rosemarie Tinapay. She works in the countryside of Bond Head, Ontario. Her specialty is dabbling in fibre arts such as dyeing yarns and fibre tops with acid dyes. She also likes to make beautifully carded that are one of a kind. 

Her journey started in the fibre world in 2013 when she had her son. During wintertime, she looked for wool socks at the store and could not find any. She thought, 'I can make that'. She taught herself how to knit by watching videos online and down she fell into a rabbit hole of wooly goodness. Next thing you know, she started dabbling in food coloring and frosting colours. Fast forward to know, she gets herself into wooly situations by bringing home raw fibres, preferably from local farms and in a deeper relationship with wool.

You can find her yarns here on this website or you can check out the yarn shops that carry her yarn Stockists – Akara Yarns